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TestAverage believes that the best way to learn is to cater the material to the student’s academic needs. TestAverage is fully aware that each student has his/her strengths and weaknesses in different areas of one subject. And because TestAverage wants to advocate individualized studying, a testing engine that assesses students’ understanding in each section of a core subject was created. The Knowledge Branch separates each subject by different chapters, and then breaks each chapter even further into sub-chapters. An example of the mechanism is shown below:

TestAverage already has preloaded tests (1st-8th grade math, 1st-6th reading, SAT) that students can purchase, but teachers and administrators can also login and upload their own questions. TestAverage is an educational database for all ages, so anyone, teachers and students, can login to share and learn multiple subjects.


  • Evaluates students accurately
  • Ranks students within a classroom or on a national scale
  • Shows each student’s comprehension in each section of a subject
  • Gives detailed reports about each student
  • Provides interactive classroom capabilities
  • Benefits both teachers and students
  • Accessible on tablets and smartphones
  • Offers different subjects on various levels